Power Yoga

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Yoga for Weight Loss

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Popular Types of Yoga

Making yoga a natural extension of your life is the best way to enjoy its benefits. With the wrong routine, you are going to have a harder time and are more likely to get discouraged, leaving yoga behind instead of turning into a lifelong student! There are quite a few different styles of yoga, making the

Benefits of Yoga

Through the years, Yoga has been considered as one of the best practices that people can do, in order to achieve physical and mental balance. The practice allows people to do certain postures and breathing exercises that are recognized by the modern science to be very beneficial to the body, particularly the health. In this

The 3pm Syndrome: A Daily Cry for Energy

How to manage afternoon cravings?  The effects of “running on coffee” on your vitality, clarity and yoga practice.  One of the most common concerns I see in my health coaching practice is the lack of energy from my clients. About 90% of the people that come to me are sick and tired of being tired.

Top Ten Benefits of Yoga

It is believed that yoga not only enriches the mind and body, but also your soul. It is a great way to connect with your whole being hence giving you a sense of control and understanding for your entire body and mind; this is what most people do not realize. People only understand the yoga

Overwhelmed Reading Food Labels?

The information in modern food labels can be confusing and misleading. Learn what matters most and what is just “fluff” These days most people’s shopping carts look like a scene out of the Jetsons. Food comes in boxes, tubes, trays, bags and the like. Unfortunately, we have grown accustomed to this picture. Without much thought

Yoga for Weight Loss and Flexibility

Yoga is a form of exercise which has been practiced for centuries around the globe. Over the past couple of decades it has become INCREDIBLY popular around the United States with around 11 million people participating in yoga classes on a regular basis (and that number is continuing to rise). Part of the reason as

Yoga for Beginners

I am sure that by now you already know the many benefits of practicing yoga and are itching to get started. If you are then you have stumbled across the right page. Here I want to go through the very basics of yoga. We are not going to cover poses so much here. Instead we

Yoga Videos

Yoga Weight Loss Series – Part 1 – Yoga Weight Loss Series – Part 2 – Yoga Weight Loss Series – Part 3 – Yoga Weight Loss Series – Part 4 – For more Yoga Videos visit Get Fit Day Yoga.

All About Power Yoga

If you have been keeping an eye on yoga classes in your local area then it is likely that you will have stumbled across something known as ‘Power Yoga’. This is a loose-style of yoga which is certainly not for the lighthearted. Whereas most styles of yoga have been developed for ‘relaxation’ purposes, Power yoga