Top Ten Benefits of Yoga

It is believed that yoga not only enriches the mind and body, but also your soul. It is a great way to connect with your whole being hence giving you a sense of control and understanding for your entire body and mind; this is what most people do not realize. People only understand the yoga poses (asanas) which is viewed as a benefit only to the body, but fail to recognize the vast benefits of yoga which also includes breath, mind and body unity.

Here are some of the top ten benefits of yoga when you practice regularly.

  1. Mind, body and soul fitness. True health is not only limited to physical fitness- it also involves the emotional and mental balance aspects as well. Yoga helps in the breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation and postures.
  2. Excess weight loss. If you are interested in keeping your weight in check, yoga is the way to go! Some of the yoga techniques for weight loss are sun salutations, meditation, asanas and pranayama. The more you practice yoga the more you become aware of your eating habits and the kind of food you ingest;it will help suppress your food cravings.
  3. Stress solace. Daily yoga routine is a great way to offload the accumulated stresses of both the mind and body. The most effective methods for stress release are meditation, asanas and pranayama.
  4. Uttermost peace. What we fail realize that peace can also be found within. Meditation and yoga is the best way to compose a troubled mind.
  5. Enhance immunity. Our entire system is a continuous fusion of the mind, body and spirit. One cannot function well without the other; if the mind is restless, it manifests itself in for of body ailment and an eminence of the body upset the mind. Yoga poses strengthens the muscles and massage organs while meditation and breathing techniques enhances immunity and relieves stress.
  6. Greater awareness livelihood. Pranayama and yoga aids in keeping ourselves from getting worked up and maintain a relaxed mind by focusing the mind on the present.
  7. Build relationships. Having a mind that is contented, relaxed and happy is better able to face sensitive relationship issues. Meditation and yoga helps strengthen the special bond between you and your loved ones.
  8. Energy increase. Daily yoga practice is the secret to keeping fresh and energetic throughout the day.
  9. Better posture and flexibility. Practicing yoga daily tones and stretches the muscles while making them strong. It also helps to enhance your body posture when you walk, stand, sleep or sit.
  10. Better instincts. Meditation and yoga have the power to enhance your instinctive ability so that you know what needs to be done, how and when with no effort at all.

If you are in a state of harmony, life’s journey becomes more serene, happier and satisfactory.

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