All About Power Yoga

If you have been keeping an eye on yoga classes in your local area then it is likely that you will have stumbled across something known as ‘Power Yoga’. This is a loose-style of yoga which is certainly not for the lighthearted. Whereas most styles of yoga have been developed for ‘relaxation’ purposes, Power yoga is all about the intense workout. This makes it perfect for those who are trying to get slightly fitter or wish to lose weight.

Power Yoga is based upon a style known as ‘Ashtanga’ and was developed to make the make the idea of getting fit using yoga as slightly more acceptable to the western world. One of the key differences between Power Yoga and the style that it evolved from is the fact that there is no one set of poses that your yoga instructor will have you practicing. Every yoga instructor will have their own interpretation of power yoga.This means that each instructor will use a differing set of poses and pace in which they switch between each of them.

Power Yoga is designed to get you fit. This means that during a power yoga session you will sweat…a lot. Many people claim that Power Yoga is without a doubt one of the best ways in which you can boost fitness levels or lose weight. This is because you will be burning a LOT of calories in a single session. You will also be putting a number of different body parts to work as well. This will help you build up strength in these areas. You will not be able to get that with any other type of cardiovascular exercise.

Remember, yoga is something which normally ‘relaxes’ you. You will quite often hold a pose for a long period of time before moving onto the next one. You will leave that yoga class feeling completely at ease with yourself. In fact, you probably won’t be able to wait to crawl into a bed you will be that relaxed. Power Yoga is completely different though. Whilst you will really be exerting yourself whilst performing it, for some reason you will come away from the session with bundles of energy. You will be surprised at the amount of people that practice power yoga in the morning in order to give them an energy boost for the rest of the day. It really is fantastic at that.

Whilst power yoga is often regarded as a cardiovascular activity, you will actually be surprised at how beneficial it actually is for strength training. As I mentioned before, you will be working out pretty much every part of your body during a power yoga session. You will be pushing yourself to the limit. I would honestly be surprised if you don’t feel that ‘burn’ at the end of a long session. Many people find that power yoga is a good substitute for working out with weights because this is akin to having two forms of exercise in one. You are getting your cardiovascular exercise in and also your ‘weight training’. It is not going to be ideal for those who really want to get their muscles to pop out. However, if you are looking to tone your body then I honestly can’t think of anything better than a good power yoga session.

On top of all of this, power yoga is still going to have roughly the same benefits of ‘standard yoga’ insofar as the fact that it is going to teach you how to relax and to develop a clear mind. In fact, no matter how intense your workout session, the vast majority of power yoga classes will begin and end with a couple of basic breathing and relaxation exercises. This makes it perfect for those who wish to relieve themselves of stress in their life. These relaxation exercises are things that you will be able to practice away from the class.

When you are searching for a power yoga session it is important that you try out a couple of different instructors. As I mentioned at the start, power yoga is a style which will be developed by each individual instructor. They will set their own poses and pace. The only real similarity between sessions is that you will be changing between poses at quite a rhythmic pace. If you try out a couple of different sessions then you will be able to find something that suits your own personal needs down to a tee. If you are not planning to head to power yoga sessions then you may wish to head online instead. You will find plenty of instructional guides, mostly in video form, which will really teach you the basics of a power yoga session. You will even be able to work along with the video if you please. Remember, yoga is wonderful because it can be done within the comfort of your own home with next to no extra equipment required (although I do suggest that you wear loose fitting clothes otherwise it can be quite a chore to switch between poses). This means working alongside yoga videos should not be too difficult…particularly if you are looking to workout at your own pace.

It is worth noting that power yoga is NOT something that you can just jump straight into. Sure, there are a number of classes out there which are advertised as being for beginners. However, when you join one of these classes you will be expected to have a fairly decent level of fitness and to at least understand some of the basic poses. This is because you will be switching between the poses at quite a rampant speed. There will be no time for the instructor to correct your pose and you can quickly fall behind. If you are looking to yoga for fitness then I do suggest you practice a bit of yoga at home or even visit a few ‘basic’ classes for yoga before embarking upon power yoga. It is going to make the whole thing a lot easier to cope with. Trust me on that one.

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